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Nancy Drew and Ned Nickerson - I'm the BIGGEST Nancy Drew and Ned Nickerson fan!! I love them!!
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You will see a lot of pictures and stories about Nancy Drew and Ned Nickerson on this website. As you can see, I LOVE them both and I think they make a very cute couple! You will also see some of my very own stories. I hope you enjoy!!
If there is something else you would like to see on this website, please feel free to email me at [email protected]
Nancy Drew is a very well-known detective. She has red hair and is 5"9. She loves her boyfriend  and misses him very much when she has to leave and work on her cases but they always stay in contact. Nancy even keeps a picture of Ned on her bed-side table and one in her wallet.
Ned Nickerson is 6"2 with brown hair. He is very protective of Nancy and often worries about her when she works on cases. He often checks up on her to make sure she is okay and if she isn't, you can bet he will be there to help her! He loves her with all his heart and would never hurt her.
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