Nancy Drew and Ned Nickerson - I'm the BIGGEST Nancy Drew and Ned Nickerson fan!! I love them!!
A New Place
"Ned",Nancy said.
"Yes?" Ned replied.
The couple were sitting on the love seat in their apartment.
"Not that I don't love our apartment, but....." Nancy trailed off.
"But what?" Ned said.
"It's just.... I think we should move into a bigger place." Nancy replied.
Ned looked at Nancy and smiled. "I think you may be right!' Ned said.
Nancy smiled. "You know that BEAUTIFUL house we saw for sale? The one we said was our dream house?"
"Yeah, you think we should get that one?"
"It would be nice!"
Ned chuckled. "Okay, why don't we check it out tomorrow?"
"Okay!" Nancy said filled with glee.
The next day Nancy and Ned were on their way to see the house in Ned's car. Nancy was so excited she could of jumped right out of her seat! For what felt like hours to Nancy, they finally arrived. When they went in they were greeted by the salesman. As Ned talked to him about the house, Nancy decided to check out more of the place.
"Wow", Nancy said to herself as she went into the rooms."This is beautiful!"
"Nancy!" she heard Ned call.
"I'm coming!" she called back racing down the stairs.
'Well we got it!' Ned said smiling at her. "All we have to do now is move all our things in which shouldn't take long".
"Great!" Nancy said smiling broadly. "When can we start?"
"When do you want to start?"
"NOW!" Nancy said jumping up and down slightly.
Ned chuckled."Now, well then we better get started I guess!"
A few days later Ned and Nancy were in their new house sitting in their loveseat again.
"Wow", Nancy said. She was laying in Ned's arms. When she said that, Ned looked down at her and smiled.
"This house is... perfect!" Nancy continued.
"It sure is!" Ned replied and laid his head on Nancy's and they fell silent as they sat in their new place.
Ned's Accident
"Ned no!" Nancy cried. She was working on a case and the bad guy had shot at her. It would have been a direct hit if Ned hadn't jumped in front of the bullet. Nancy fell to his side as the police came rushing in. Nancy was crying so hard she didn't even hear them.
"Ned", she kept calling his name. "It's going to be okay."
She heard the rescue squad arriving outside and quickly got out of the way so they could get to Ned.
"Nancy", he said weakly reaching out for her.
"Aren't you coming?"
"I'll be there later, I promise",Nancy replied as they loaded Ned in the rescue squad. Nancy waited for the flashing lights to disappear and then fell to her knees again crying puddles. Her dad ,Carson, rushed to her side and put his arms around her.
"Come on, we should go to the hospital now."
But Nancy paided no attention.
"He jumped in front of that bullet for me! What....what if he dies? I..I would never forgive myself! I would never find true love again...I..I..I would never be happy again..."
Mr.Drew looked at her with sadness in his eyes.
"The only way we can see if he's okay is to go to the hospital ourselves. But first we need to make some phone calls okay?"
Nancy nodded and went to the car as her father made the calls. When he was done they went to the hospital. Nancy was quiet during the ride there still crying.
When they got there she sat in the waiting chair just as the others arrived.
"Nancy!" Ned's mother,Joyce, said running toward her with tears in her eyes. She gave Nancy a huge hug and said "What happened?"
Nancy sniffed. "It's all my fault. If it wasn't for me Ned wouldn't be in that hospital bed! His life wouldn't be at stake!"
"Oh sweetie it's not your fault! The person how did this is at fault not you!" Mrs.Nickerson said.
Ned's dad,James, came and sat beside Nancy and put his hand on her shoulder.
"He's going to be okay Nancy."
"Yeah Nancy," her best friend George said kneeling in front of her with her boyfriend Burt beside her.
"And when he is okay, I bet we can ALL say he's a real hero right Nancy?" Burt said.
Nancy nodded as Burt handed her some tissues.
Just then the nurse came.
"Ned Nickerson?" she asked.
The nurse smiled. "Right this way."
She led them down the hall into the ICU.
"You all go ahead, I'll go last", Nancy said.
'Are you sure?" they all said in unison
"Yes, I'm positive."
"Well...., they said hesitating, okay.."
When they came out Mrs.Nickerson said "Ned really wants to see you dear."
Nancy toke a deep breath. Was she going to be able to see Ned like this? Only one way to find out.
"Okay," Nancy said as she slowly walked in.She followed the nurse's directions and saw Ned resting peacefully in the bed.
"Oh no!" Nancy said. She felt like she would faint but Ned's doctor rushed to her side and caught her.
"It's okay Nancy, Ned is going to be fine, trust me" he said smiling at her.
With the help of the doctor, she slowly made her way to Ned's bed and sat in a chair right next to his bed. His eyes slowly opened and he gave her a weak smile. Nancy laughed a bit with the joy of seeing him with his eyes open.
"Nancy," Ned said.
...."I love you."
Nancy giggled a bit and smiled. "I love you too! Soooo much,honey soo much!"
"Well, Ned's doctor said, he should be ready to go home now but make sure he gets lots of rest okay sweetheart?" he said to Nancy.
She nodded. "Okay."
He patted her shoulder.
Nancy released Ned's hands.(He had grabbed her hand when she first got to his bedside).
A week later Ned was downstairs in their den watching their favorite movie Harry Potter once again. Nancy smiled and came over to him.
"How ya feeling?"Nancy asked him.
"Great thanks to your help!"
Nancy laughed. (Ned was just told by his doctor that morning that he was heeled and alright to go back to work if he felt up to it).
Nancy sat beside him."Your my hero Ned. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be here today."
Ned looked at her and smiled."I would die myself to save you Nancy. I would fly to the moon for you. In other words, I would do ANYTHING for you my dear, ANYTHING!"
 Ned gasped as Nancy gave him a huge unexpected hug but he returned the hug.
"I can NEVER repay you for all the things you have done for me. You have always been there for me." Nancy said to him looking directly into his eyes.
"And I always will",Ned said keeping her gaze,smiling. "But there is something you can do to repay me...", Ned said, his eyes dancing.
"What's that?" Nancy replied.
"You can always love me, never lie to me, tell me everything and never leave or cheat on me." he replied.
Nancy grinned. " You don't have to worry about that because that I can do and I always have been for our whole life and always will.(Nancy and Ned's parent's were friends and when Nancy and Ned were born, they always had play dates so they really have been together forever. And since Nancy was born on the 16th of October and Ned was born the 3rd, when they brought Nancy home from the hospital and they first saw each other they smiled and reached for each other. And guess what their first words were. Nancy's was Ned and Ned's was Nancy! They have been in every class together in school, every dance and everything else! And their initals are N.E.D for Nancy Elizabeth Drew and N.A.N for Ned Andrew Nickerson. Not to mention they like the same color-purple- and the same movies and music and sooo many other things! 
So everyone can say, they are meant for each other in every way!)<3<3<3<3<3<3 <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
Nancy's Mom
"Nancy..what do you remember about your mom..about the accident?" Ned asked her.
Nancy glanced at him. "I remember hearing my mom scream my name. And she pushed me out the way and.... she was just....there on the road...a hit and run driver. I remember seeing the black liquid on the road.
"Did you see any blood?" Ned asked her.
"I thought the black stuff was blood!",Nancy replied.
"Ummm... but you said it was black. Blood is red when it hits air. Maybe what you saw was from the car."Ned said.
"Sooo what are you saying?"
"I'm saying... your mom might still be alive."
"Come with me", Ned said. He led her to his study and they went to the computer. About one hour later Ned had found something!
"Let's go Nancy!"
"Where are we going?"
"To find your mom!"
The rode around for a few hours until finally Ned announced they had found the place. It looked sorta like a hospital from the outside. Ned grabbed Nancy's hand and they rushed in.
"Is there a Rebecca Drew here?" Ned asked the receptionist.
"Yes there is! Room 10!
"Thank you!"
As they rushed to the room they stood outside the door.
Ned smiled at Nancy. "Do you have her picture Nancy?"
"Sure do!" Nancy exclaimed.
 "Okay, well let's go!"
They slowly opened the door to see a pretty woman sitting in a rocking chair watching television. She looked a lot like Nancy (which was expected). Nancy and Ned made there way to her. As they got closer she looked at them and suddenly stopped rocking in her chair.Nancy didn't even have to show her the picture!
She looked shocked."Nancy?!" she said.
Nancy smiled. "You remember me?"
"Of course I do! And Ned!"
Ned grinned at her.
"I KNEW you two would be together!"
"Ned you were right! You found my mother!' Nancy exclaimed giving him a hug and kiss.
"Well Mrs.Drew if you're ready I would like to take you back home."Ned said.
"Am I ready? I've been ready for 15 years!" she replied, jumping out of her seat."Let's go!"
Later that day, they were at Nancy's dad's house. They were going to surprise him.
As they went up to the front door, Ned rang the doorbell. They could hear Mr.Drew's footsteps coming to the door.
When he opened it up he they saw he was holding a glass of tea.When he saw his wife, he froze and dropped the glass,looking intently at her.
"..Rebecca??!!" Carson said with great shock.Tears came into his eyes. "I...I thought you were dead!" he cried, grabbing her and giving her a bear hug.
"All of you please come in!"
As they all sat down, Nancy told her parents how they found her mother.
"All the credit goes to Ned!" she said.
"Well, if Nancy hadn't told me what she remembered, I wouldn't have know to look for her." Ned said. But before he could get his sentence out, Ned gasped because Mr.Drew had rushed over and gave him a hug.
"Thank you! I can't thank you enough for what you've done Ned!" Mr Drew said as Mrs.Drew went over and did the same.
Ned smiled as Nancy also gave him a hug.
"Wow, I don't think I've ever gotten that many hugs in less than a minute before!"Ned said.
They all laughed but with tears in their eyes.
"So mom, why didn't you come looking for your family after the accident?"Nance asked.
Because I had lost my memory. And When I got the paper I saw your picture and Ned's picture and everyone else's and my mind just came back to me! But I thought no one would remember me so I didn't look for my family."
"Are you kidding? Of course we would remember you!" Carson cried.
Rebecca laughed.
"Good thing we didn't have a funeral. And only our family and CLOSES friends now about your accident." Ned said.
"You're right! We wouldn't want this getting out!" Carson said.
"Well I guess we should be getting home Ned," Nancy said to him.
"Yeah but we will be back tomorrow!" Ned said.
"Oh please do come back!" Mr. and Mrs. Drew called in unison.
Nancy and Ned laughed as everyone waved.
When Nancy and Ned got home, they decided to watch a movie. Nancy looked up at Ned from his lap and smiled at him.
He returned her smile.
"Ned? You're the greatest!"
Ned smiled again."So are you!" he said.
They exchanged a lingering kiss then smiled at each other and went back to watching the movie.
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